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DUET™ Overview

AcousticEye's DUET™ system introduces an innovative, non-traversing technology for inner and outer diameter tube and pipe inspection that aims to deliver ultra-fast and accurate results for today's challenging turnaround requirements.

Featuring patented dual mode pulse reflectometry (acoustic and ultrasonic operating in parallel), the system has been designed to achieve full coverage of all defects and tube types, regardless of shape or material. DUET™ is an advanced, yet easy-to-use tool with automated analysis and report generation that requires much less operator expertise and minimal training for a more efficient inspection cycle.

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Ultra Fast Speed
  • Significantly faster than conventional inspection techniques
Easy to Use
  • 1 operator with minimal training
  • Consistent, repeatable results regardless of operator skill
Full Coverage
  • Any shape | u-bends, “s” shape, twisted, fin-fans
  • Any material | ferromagnetic, non-ferromagnetic
High Detectability
  • Non-traversing solution for ID and OD defects
  • Holes, blockages, cracks, bulges, wall loss | erosion, corrosion, pits